KINE 489: Best Practice in Coaching and Athletic Administration
The Director of the Coaching Academy, Dr. John Thornton continues to teach an undergraduate kinesiology course titled “Best Practice in Coaching and Athletic Administration”. This course was designed to create an awareness of opportunities in coaching and youth development while exploring strategies and considerations that can contribute to successfully beginning a career in coaching. The class addresses the principles of coaching and athletic administration, compliance, communication, and program management requisite for any coach, mentor, and/or educator involved in programming associated with youth or young adults participating in sport.

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 “I want to thank you for an excellent, thought provoking class.
I look forward to the prosperity of a "coaching academy" at Texas A&M. I think that your class should be required for any student pursuing a coaching minor as well as all PEK majors as most will work closely with or become athletic directors. Thank you again for the resources you have provided and for the knowledge you have given me. I added your class to my schedule the morning of the first day and am so very glad I did.”

                              -Lisabeth, student from KINE 489

 Student presenting in KINE 489 Students in class  Dr. Thornton teaching KINE 489