Collaboration with Spring Branch ISD
The Texas A&M Coaching Academy engages in collaborative efforts with Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD). The development of this collaboration was facilitated by Assistant Professor in the Health and Kinesiology Department at Texas A&M, Dr. Mike Thornton, and Executive Athletic Director at SBISD, Paige Hershey. The Texas A&M Coaching Academy alongside the “Future Coaches Academy” at SBISD held two “Career Paths” Texas A&M campus visits and a Student Leadership Summit for the nearly 80 high school students involved in the Future Coaches Academy program. The Texas A&M campus visits were held on November 25, 2013 and May 12, 2014. During the two campus visits, the students engaged in various activities that helped them explore and prepare themselves to become better coaches while encouraging them to pursue a degree in the field of coaching. The students were able to engage in various team building activities and listen to multiple presentations by experts in the field of coaching at Texas A&M University. These presentations included:
  • Dr. John Singer (Sport Diversity and Culture- The Coach’s Role)
  • Dr. Susan Wagner (Developing a Coaching/Practice Plan)
  • Dr. John Thornton (Developing Your Personal Coaching Philosophy)
  • Ms. Martha Muckleroy and Ms. Lucy Waite (Team Building/ Cooperative Games and Team Dynamics: How Do We Build a TEAM)
Special guests included: Brigadier General Joe Ramirez, Jr. (Commandant of Texas A&M’s Corps of Cadets); Mr. Troy Kema (Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services at Texas A&M); Mr. TJ Marcum (Instructor for the Physical Education Activity Program at Texas A&M); and Mr. Kirby Ennis and Mr. Ben Compton (Texas A&M Student-Athletes).
 Dr. Susan Wagner speaking to SBISD students at campus visit

 “Yesterday was an AMAZING day for our students in the Future Coaches Academy here in SBISD!! As many of you know they went to Texas A&M for the opportunity of a lifetime, and were greeted by so many wonderful professors of coaching, directors, and staff.”
-Mr. Samuel Karns, SBISD Intramural Coordinator

 Dr. John singer speaks to SBISD students Dr. Mike Thornton leading activities
 Ms. Martha Muckleroy instructing students
Dr. John Thornton, Ben Compton,
and Troy Kema speaking to SBISD students 

 “I do not know where to begin so I will start with the small word that means so much…THANK YOU! It is hard to believe yesterday has come and gone but the impact of the day is yet to be seen…I sure felt the immediate impact and was excited to share the day with each of you.”
-Ms. Rebecca Fuchs, SBISD Director of Student Wellness & Elementary Counselors

In conjunction with the Texas A&M Coaching Academy, SBISD Athletics hosted a Student Leadership Summit on May 17, 2014 at Northbrook High School. The Leadership Summit provided students with the information that will bolster their individual skill set as they plan their post secondary career path. Topics of discussion at the Leadership Summit included:
  • Dr. John Thornton: Texas A&M Coaching Academy: Meeting The Needs of Students, Student-Athletes, and External Practitioners
  • Ms. Sheri Alford: The Unintended Consequences of Social Media
  • Mr. Elliott Witney: Leadership to Build a Better Tomorrow: Because Who Else Will? 
  • Dr. Mike Thornton: Skills for Success Through College and Beyond and Taking Steps Towards Employment
  • Panel Discussion on Leadership
Positive Coaching Alliance also played a critical role at the Student Leadership Summit by engaging students in character building activities and educating the students on “Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor.” Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit developing “Better Athletes, Better People” by working to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience. 

This effort would not have been possible without the help of Dr. Duncan Klussmann (Superindentent of Schools, SBISD); Ms. Paige Hershey (SBISD Executive Director of Athletics); Ms. Rebecca Fuchs (SBISD Director of Student Wellness and Elementary Counselors); Mr. Samuel Karns (SBISD Health Fitness Teacher & District Intramural Coordinator); and Ms. Renie Deanda (SBISD Yearbook, Newspaper, and Photography Teacher & District Intramural Coordinator). 

 “5.17.2014 is a day to remember for the rest of our lives, because this was a day that 80 lives were impacted and changed forever. There were so many seeds planted and watered throughout the day, which will stay with our kids for a lifetime. The knowledge and exposure that occurred this past Saturday was priceless, and I have heard from some of our kids already about their experience and appreciation of the event as well as folks like you all to mentor them through this transitional phase of their life. We are glad to know that our kids will be in good hands once they graduate. Mike and John you all are truly an inspiration for our district, staff, students, and we are so excited to be embarking on this new journey with you all as we move forward to change lives and build the next generation of leaders. It was such a memorable day to give our students perspective and experiences to sharpen their skills. It is times like this when we wish we could go back to when we were in high school and have experiences like this. It has been an exciting time to see the depth and focus that this program has received from you all's organization. I am glad that we have had the opportunity to have quite a few discussions, and look forward to collaborating with you and working side by side in the years to come.”
-Mr. Samuel Karns, SBISD Intramural Coordinator

Dr. John Thornton handing out certificates to students at Summit   Dr. John Thornton, Dr. Mike Thornton, and Ms Hershey speaking to students at Summit  Dr. Mike Thornton talking to students at Summit

Visit the links below to watch the SBISD recap videos from the two campus visits to Texas A&M University and the Student Leadership Summit.