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It's Podcast Friday! Mr. Jerrod Johnson, All-Conference Quarterback, Texas A&M and the NFL. The award-winning HD6 Video Podcast series continues!
Today is the first video and audio-only rebroadcast from the 2016 Huffines Discussion.   Up today in our series is Mr. Jerrod Johnson, All Conference Quarterback, Texas A&M and the NFL.  Mr. Johnson's talk is called "Sports Medicine from an Athlete's Perspective" and discusses what it is like for an elite athlete to undergo career-threatening injuries and the subsequent difficult rehabilitation. LISTEN or WATCH NOW!

It's Podcast Friday - With Dr. Marlene Dixon and Sport and Life Quality!
Most believe that sport, particularly organized sport, is a generally good and positive activity that leads to positive outcomes - but why? How can we maximize the positive outcomes that sport has with the greatest regularity? Join us with Dr. Marlene Dixon, as we take on these questions and more in this week's podcast! LISTEN NOW
It's Podcast Friday - With Dr. Susan Kleiner and Sports Nutrition!
Healthy lifestyle choices are an important part of every athlete's routine, particularly when it has to do with the fuel they give their body. Join us for an interesting discussion on nutrition in athletics, with Dr. Susan Kleiner, a highly decorated nutritionist, scientist and author. Dr. Kleiner is the owner of High Performance Nutrition, LLC, a consulting firm in Mercer Island, Washington, and has authored eight books on nutrition and dieting. We're thrilled to have her on the podcast! LISTEN NOW!
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The Coaching Academy also provides and promotes existing and innovative educational opportunities for future coaches and those already in the profession. Through association with the Huffines Institute, the Academy has released podcasts that contain conversations with experts in the field of coaching, sports, athletic administration, and youth development. Our guests have been local, regional, national, and international in scope, with a wide array of interests. We were honored to have many distinguished podcast guests including:

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 Dr. Thornton recording a podcast with former Texas A&M student-athletes, Mr. Reggie Brown (Football) and Ms. Kerrie Patterson-Brown (Women's Basketball), Director of Legacy Collegiate School  Huffines Institute 100th Podcast with Texas A&M Hall of Fame Football Coach, RC Slocum  Dr. Lightfoot, Dr. Thornton, and production crew setting up for a podcast