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Entries for October 2011

It's Podcast Friday with Dr. Noah Dean and Quackery in Sports Medicine!

 Today we are pleased to have Dr. Noah Dean from Texas Lutheran University join us in the podcast.  Noah has made a mission of exposing and educating the public about quacks and fraudulent health products that are on the market.  This is a fun conversation and greatly needed in today's consumer society. We also talk about Noah's experience as a stuntman on Friday Night Lights.

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The Female Athlete Triad: The Importance of Energy

We have a new article up! Be sure to check out this weeks article, "The Female Athlete Triad: The Importance of Energy," by Kaleigh Camp! The American College of Sports Medicine refers to the female athlete triad as the interrelationships among energy availability, menstrual function, and bone mineral density. The new Triad model has each component of the female athlete triad on a continuous spectrum. These spectrums range from a healthy state to clinical outcomes of disease, which including eating disorders, amenorrhea (absence of a menstrual period for 3 or more months), and osteoporosis...

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It's Video Podcast Friday! Astronaut Richard Linnehan is on the Podcast!

 Our Huffines' Discussion Scholars video podcasts wrap-up today with a

great talk

from Dr. and Astronaut Richard Linnehan, who talks about "Living, Working & Exercising in Space: An Astronaut's Perspective".  This is a great talk that shows some of the stresses on astronauts as they complete their space missions. 

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New article! Is GU for you?

We've started putting up text articles to help answer general questions that we get.  One of our first articles was written by Emily Schmitt and is titled "Is GU for You?" Researchers have studied diet manipulation for years in relation to delaying the onset of fatigue, and these studies have resulted in mixed conclusions. Scientific publications conclude...

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Podcast Friday: Dr. Dave Wright with Deliberate Practice

 Join us as Dr. Dave Wright from Texas A&M visits the podcast studio today.  We have a great conversation about 'deliberate' practice and whether that helps performance or not.  This is a hot topic right now in sports science and it's great that we've got Dr. Wright here to chat about it!

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It's Video Podcast Friday! Today with Huffines Scholar Dr. Frank Booth!

 Today's video podcast is from Dr. Frank Booth, who talks about "Walk Away from Type 2 Diabetes".  This is an engaging talk from one of the preeminent Exercise Physiologists in the World and presents an easy to understand plan for dealing with Type 2 Diabetes.

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Congratulations To Producer Justin Dobson
A big congratulations goes out to Mr. Justin Dobson, who many of you know as our Podcast Producer (and he has all of the questions!).  Mr. Dobson...

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