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Entries for January 2011

15 - Sports Illustrated Writer David Epstein on the Lance Armstrong Doping Investigation

 We have our first two-time guest as SI writer David Epstein rejoins us on the podcast to discuss his new article regarding the allegations of the facilitation of performance-enhancing drug use by Lance Armstrong amongst members of the U.S. Postal Service cycling team. Because the Postal Service team was federally sponsored, a federal grand jury has been investigating these charges since August 2010.  Join us as we talk about this critical investigation and the rhabdomyolysis cluster at Univ. of Iowa.

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14 - Dr. Gregg Bennett - Sport Marketing: Its Importance and Prevalence

 Join us this week as Dr. Gregg Bennett joins us in the studio for a fun conversation filled with laughter about the necessary role of sports marketing in the modern world of sports.

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13 - Bone health, exercise, and spaceflight

 Dr. Sue Bloomfield joins us to discuss spaceflight, exercise, and bone - maybe the most important physiology problem facing humans is flying in space. Also, we talk about the links between nutrition and bone health and how you can do some relatively simple things to promote bone health.

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12 - Dr. Jim Pivarnik - Exercise and Pregnancy

Ever wonder if it is safe to exercise while you (or one you love) are pregnant?  Here is the expert to listen to....Dr. Pivarnik, Professor at Michigan State University and past President of the American College of Sports Medicine, joins us to chat about exercise and pregnancy.



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