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Entries for January 2012

56 - Dr. Stephen Crouse - Sudden Death and Athletes

In the past few months, there have been several football players that have collapsed and died away from the field.  So how much risk do these athletes have for sudden death.  Dr. Stephen Crouse, an expert in athletic medical screen joins us in the podcast today to talk about what we know about athletic sudden death and the real risk to athletes.

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55 - The Future of Sport - Fuel

We've got something different for you this week.  Our friends over at are allowing us to broadcast one of their episodes - "Fuel" by Matthew Rotundo - that deals with the future of athletic performance enhancement.  This is a great episode to generate conversation about the future of performance and what we will allow as a society.

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54 - Dr. Pat Goodson and the Scientific Literature

It's the New Year and we start with Dr. Pat Goodson joining us in the studio.  Dr. Goodson is a writing expert and leads us in a discussion about what is the 'scientific literature'.  Why do we trust the scientific literature  and why is it important for us to know about it?  If you want to be able to figure out what is true or not in sports science, this is a fun conversation and one that will make you think.

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