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Entries for October 2014

158 - It's Podcast Friday! with US Navy's Dr./Lt. Patrick Dougherty and Exercise/Aerospace Physiology!

Sports Medicine and Human Performance over the past 10 years has become a topic of increased interest in our military forces.  So we are pleased to have Dr/Lt. Patrick Dougherty of the US Navy with us today to talk about aerospace physiology and exercise physiology.  This is a great podcast about the career paths in the military for exercise scientists and about the real-world, life and death impact that these folks can have.  Enjoy! 

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157 - It's Podcast Friday! with Texas A&M Head Athletic Trainer Phil Hedrick!

Sports medicine, when applied at the level of a University, is a complicated and multi-faceted enterprise.  We are pleased to have Mr. Phil Hedrick, Head Athletic Trainer for Athletics at Texas A&M University in the podcast today to talk about the complexity of providing sports medicine care for 600 athletes.  We also talk about some of the changing paradigms in sports medicine, especially in how it relates to health insurance.  Enjoy!


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156 - It's Podcast Friday! with Goucher College's Elizabeth Ahearn with Pilates and Dance Science!

Human performance includes many different types of human activity, including sports, exercise, and the performing arts.  We are pleased that joining us in the podcast today is Ms. Elizabeth Ahearn who is a faculty member in the Dance Department at Goucher College, the Vice President of Regional Planning for the American College Dance Association, and the founding Director of The Pilates Center at Goucher.  We chat about the origins of Pilates and what makes it different than other types of exercise, and how Dance performers use a variety of exercise types to remain healthy and active.  Enjoy! LISTEN NOW!

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155 - It's Podcast Friday! with Texas A&M Defensive Line Coach Terry Price

We're in the midst of college football season and once again, we're seeing high octane offenses challenging quickly evolving defenses.  To talk about this, we've got Coach Terry Price, Defensive Line Coach for the Texas A&M Football team and former NFL player, in the podcast today.  Coach Price has had extensive coaching and playing experience and this is a great conversation about how the game has changed and the challenges that coaches and players face.  This is a fun podcast to listen to before the weekend slate of college games kicks off!  Enjoy! 

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154 - It's Podcast Friday! with Univ. of Texas Dr. Molly Bray and rhythms of eating and exercise!

We are pleased to have Dr. Molly Bray with us in the podcast today.  Long-time listeners will remember that Dr. Bray was one of our first Huffines Discussion speakers and since then, she has relocated back to Texas.  Dr. Bray is the Department Head of Nutrition at the University of Texas in Austin and shares with us today the results of her long-running federally-funded study on the genetics of exercise adherence and training responses (the TIGER study).  Dr. Bray is always a great listen - and this podcast is no exception!  Enjoy!

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