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Entries for December 2010

11 - Dr. Rick Kreider - Sports Nutrition and Supplements

Dr. Kreider is the Head of the Health & Kinesiology Dept. at Texas A&M and the founder and Director of the Exercise Sport Nutrition Laboratory. He’s an award winning researcher and we have a fun conversation.



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10 - Dr. Carl Gabbard - Motor development and obesity

 Join us today as Dr. Carl Gabbard tells us why handwriting is a sign of less than optimal health and suggests ways to start to address the childhood obesity problem.

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9 - Mr. David Epstein - The gap, steroids, and what’s coming in sports

Join us today for a great conversation with Sports Illustrated staff writer David Epstein. David is the primary voice reporting on Sports Medicine issues at Sports Illustrated and as such, has a great way of making the current issues understandable. We talk about a wide variety of issues that are facing sports today.

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