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Entries for December 2011

53 - Live from Doha, Qatar: Sports Illustrated's David Epstein on Baseball Doping and Concussions

 It's a special holiday podcast with Sports Illustrated writer David Epstein.  We have two firsts in this podcast:  our first three-time guest, and our first podcast live from Doha, Qatar.  We talk with David about Ryan Braun doping, Colt McCoy's concussion, and what he's doing in Qatar for Sports Illustrated.  It's our holiday podcast - the elves had fun putting this one together!

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52 - Hall of Fame Golf Coach Bob Ellis - Golf and Successful Aging

 Hall of Fame Golf Coach Bob Ellis joins us today to talk about golf and the role of golf in your life.  Bob also talks to us about successful aging and the role that activity plays in aging.  If you're a golfer, here's a great chance to hear from one of the best ever.

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51 - Dr. Charlie Shea - All together now - coordinating our limbs

 Dr. Charlie Shea, expert in figuring out how we move and coordinate our movements, joins us today in the podcast.  We have fun talking about sport, music, and everyday movement and how our brain coordinates all of that movement.

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50 - Dr. Larry Kenney - Sports, Heat, and Aging

 It's our 50th Podcast Celebration!  We're lucky to have as a special guest Dr. Larry Kenney, Professor from the Noll Laboratory at Penn State University.  Dr. Kenney is an eminent Exercise Scientist that has spent most of his career looking at why aging hinders our ability to handle heat.  Join us for this fun, entertaining conversation.

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