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Entries for December 2013

132 - It's Podcast Friday with A&M's Lydia Dubuisson and Sports Marketing and Football!

Former football coach, player, and media personality Lydia Dubuisson joins us in the podcast to talk sports marketing and football.  This is an interesting conversation that goes where you will least expect it to go.

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Joining us today in the podcast are Major Nick Barringer (RD/LD) and Captain Will Kobbe, both of the United States Army.  Both Nick and Will are at Texas A&M finishing up advanced degrees in Kinesiology as a part of their service commitments.  We talk with Nick and Will about fitness and physical training in the military and how society's health problems are actually health problems for the Army as well (and how the military is attacking these health problems).  This is a great conversation about training of soldiers that introduces a new term into our lexicon ("tactical athletes").

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