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Entries for February 2011

18 - Mike Fisher - NASCAR R&D Center - Motorsports Safety

Today, we talk to Mike Fisher, Managing Director, NASCAR Research and Development Center who is tasked with helping to make the sport safer for the drivers, crews, and spectators.


With the thrill of stock car racing comes the danger inherent in driving in a tight pack at 180 mph. We'll talk about the tremendous strides made in racing safety over the last 10 years and the future safety issues in NASCAR. 

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17 - Lance Munksgard, Red Bull NASCAR Racing - Motorsports Athletes

 Stock car racing season is almost upon us and the athletes that drive and pit the cars are in their final preparations before the season starts. Join us as we talk to a veteran pit crew coach who has been at the elite level of NASCAR for many years talk about the training that takes place and the athleticism needed to change four tires, put in 11 gallons of gas, and make suspension adjustments in just 12 seconds.

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16 - Karl Kapchinski - Athletic training - More than just Running on the Field

 You see them running on the field after every injury - ever wonder what an Athletic Trainer does? Karl Kapchinski, with almost 30 years as a Head Athletic Trainer joins us in the studio to talk about Athletic Training - what it is, what it is not, and where it is going.

We have a fun, free-ranging discussion about caring for athletes and we also talk about the rhabdomyolysis cluster at Univ. of Iowa that sent 13 players to the hospital and who is responsible.

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