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Entries for March 2011

23 - Jon Wertheim - Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind Sports

 Join us as we talk to Jon Wertheim, Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated as he talks about the hidden influences behind sports.

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22 - Allen Kinley - Olympic Lifting in your workout!

It's Spring Break and we talk to the Director of A&M Strength and Conditioning for Olympic and Team sports Allen Kinley about resistance training.

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21 - Kevin Hughes, Comedian - Super at 60!

 Join us for a fun talk with Comedian Kevin Hughes as he talks about health and wellness and the challenges that face many of us as we try to become healthier - especially if you live aboard a cruise ship!

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BIG Announcement!  The Line-up for the Huffines Discussion!

 This is a special (short) podcast to officially announce the line-up for the first Huffines Discussion.  Join us on April 1 from 1-4 pm at Rudder Auditorium as these national leaders and thinkers in sports medicine talk about the big topics.  Hit our Discussion page for more details, maps, etc!

Given the conversational nature of these topics, all can attend - and there is no admission charge.  Doors open at 12:30....See you there!

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20 - Dr. Jacques Dallaire - Focus and Performance

Today we chat with Dr. Jacques Dallaire, primary mover of Performance Prime.  Dr. Dallaire has specialized for years in helping athletes and other individuals with the mental skills needed to maintain performance.  This is a fascinating chat and the topics can be applied to a wide-variety of life situations.

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19 - Dr. Paul Batista - Sports and the First Amendment

 Dr. Paul Batista joins us to talk about first amendment rights and sports - can you criticize the coach in public?  Is that your right or is it slander? Dr. Batista may be one of the few Attorneys, former Judges, and/or Attorneys approved to practice before the Supreme Court that works in the Sports Medicine area. (Yes, he can argue cases before the Supreme Court!)

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