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Entries for April 2011

28 - Mr. Frank Thomas - Activity and Archery for All!

 Frank Thomas, former US National Archery team coach and Division Chair of the Physical Education and Activity Program (PEAP) at A&M and the need for activity courses in college (and the 2004 Olympics!).

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27 - Dr. Carol Garber - Licensure and credentials amongst Exercise Professionals

 How do you know your fitness professional is qualified? Are you uncomfortable knowing that your hair dresser has a state license while your personal trainer doesn't?  Join us as we chat with Dr. Carol Garber regarding the efforts to bring licensure to Exercise Science and the importance of those efforts.

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26 - Dr. Danny Ballard - Health and its impact on everything else

  Join us as we talk with acclaimed author Dr. Danny Ballard about the role of health in life - especially how health can augment learning and increases well-being.

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25 - Dr. John Thornton - The business of college athletics and being a student athlete

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a college athlete?  How do college student athletes handle the balance between education and the pressure to perform and how do Universities help them handle that balance?

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24 - Dr. Mike Massett - Exercise Genetics and the future

 Today we talk exercise genetics....don't run off! It's a great show and really one of the exciting futures in sports medicine.  Dr. Mike Massett joins us - it's fun! 

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