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Entries for May 2011

32 - Brig. General Joe Ramirez - Sports Medicine and the Military

 Is the Military interested in human performance?  In honor of Memorial Day weekend, we are privileged to chat with Brigidier General Joe Ramirez, highly decorated soldier and the Commandant of the Corp of Cadets here at Texas A&M.....

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31 - Mr. Doug Tremaine - Senior Games

Join us for one of the most high energy senior athletes we've ever met.  Doug Tremaine is in the studio - world-ranked triathlete and Director of the Brazos Valley Senior Games.  It's fun!

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30 - Dr. Jeff Zachwieja - Heat and Hydration

It's almost summer!  Let's get ready!  From the Gatorade Sport Science Institute, Research Director Dr. Jeff Zachwieja joins us

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29 - Dr. Molly Bray - Eating Fat and Carbs to Stay Healthy
Join us as we chat with Dr. Molly Bray from the University of Alabama Birmingham as we talk about her work on nutrition timing.  Dr. Bray's lab group has done some intriguing work looking at when and what you eat and how that affects obesity.  For example, is it better to eat fat or carbs for breakfast?  Listen and find out.

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