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Entries for June 2011

36 - It's Podcast Friday!  Today we talk about the role of race in sport with Dr. John Singer

 One of the most difficult conversations we might have is how race plays a role in sport, so why not have the conversation?  Join us today as we chat with Dr. John Singer, a noted scholar on the role of race in sport.

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35 - Dr. Mike Sandlin - Everything you wanted to know about Ultra Running!

 There are people that have the urge to run for long, long distances...We have the pleasure of talking to Ultra Runner Extraordinaire Dr. Mike Sandlin in the podcast this week.... 

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34 - Mr. Roy Fielding - It's Summer!  Let's Swim!

 It's summer!  Time to go swimming!  Today, we talk to Mr. Roy Fielding who has been named as one of the 25 most influential Aquatics professionals in the world.

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33 - Dr. Steve Martin - Cardiac Rehab and its Role

Cardiac Rehab - two words that are many times misunderstood.  Today, we have Dr. Steve Martin - yes, that Dr. Steve Martin! - here to talk to us about cardiac rehab....

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