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Entries for June 2014

149 - It's World Cup Special Podcast Thursday!  With Texas A&M Coach G Guerrieri!

As all world-wide soccer fans worldwide know, the World Cup starts today.  The next six weeks are the culmination of three years of qualifying and countries around the world are excited to see how their team does.  To kick-off the World Cup, we've got a special podcast with Texas A&M women's soccer coach G Guerrieri, the 2013 SEC Soccer Coach of the Year.  Coach G has put a team in the NCAA playoffs every year he has been coach here and has a deep and wide-ranging view of the world of soccer.  This is a great conversation to kick-off your World Cup viewing.  Enjoy! LISTEN NOW!

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148 - It's Summer Podcast Friday! with Mark and Alana Hadley and running!

We have Coach Mark Hadley and marathoner Alana Hadley with us in the podcast today.  Alana is the youngest marathoner to qualify for the American Trials in over 20 years and has set several national records in her age group.  We talk today about how elite marathoners are trained and what is the future for American marathoning!  Enjoy! LISTEN NOW!

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