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Entries for July 2011

38 - Dr. Steve Roth - Can you use genetics to select for Sport?

If you knew exactly what sport you were best suited for, would you be interested?  Several companies claim that they can tell you what sport you would be best at.  Join us today for the podcast as we talk to Dr. Steve Roth from the University of Maryland who is an expert on using genetics to select for sport.   We have a great conversation that is extremely relevant to sports science and if you are a parent with a child interested in sport, you'll want to hear this podcast.

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37 - Dr. Mindy Millard-Stafford: It's still hot - so drink!

 It's still hot outside - so we all need to be very aware of hydration state to prevent heat-related illnesses.  Join us as we talk to Dr. Mindy Millard-Stafford, a well-published and nationally known expert on hydration during exercise.

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Special announcement: introducing our new Video Podcasts!

We're got a very short podcast announcement today as we launch our new Video Podcasts!  So shuffle on over to the Video page (under the Resources tab) and check out our new Video podcasts.

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