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Entries for August 2011

41 - Dr. Mickey Collins - What You Need To Know About Concussions

Our awareness of the prevalence of concussions in sports is increasing....Join us today as we chat with one of leading experts in rehabilitating athletes after concussion, Dr. Mickey Collins from the University of Pittsburgh.

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40 - Dr. Angela Duckworth:  GRIT and success

 What are the components of success?  Talent?  Practice?  Determination?  Join us as we chat with Dr. Angela Duckworth from the University of Pennsylvania who tells us about GRIT and the role of determination in success.  This is a great conversation about a topic that is easy to talk about, but hard to study.

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39 - Mythbusting: Exercise-style!

Recently published a list of the top ten exercise myths.  But are those myths really myths?  We asked four bright, rising stars in Exercise Science - Brad Lambert, Emily Schmitt, David Ferguson, and Justin Dobson - for their take on the 'myths'.  It's a fun group, a fun conversation, and the first time we've had four guests on the podcast at the same time!

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