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Entries for September 2011

44 - Jim Whitehead, Exec. VP & CEO ACSM and the United Nations

 Join us today for a historic podcast with Mr. Jim Whitehead, Executive Vice President and CEO of the American College Sports Medicine, the world's largest professional organization devoted to Exercise and Sports Medicine.  Jim chats with us about the recent historic United Nations Health Summitt (only the second health summitt ever held at the U.N.) that focused on diseases caused by lifestyle issues.  A large topic at the UN Summitt was the recognition of the huge role that physical inactivity plays as an underlying cause of disease and death.  Even if you are not interested in health policy, you should tune in this podcast to find out how you can influence health in your local area and in the world!

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43 - Dr. Dan Lieberman, Harvard Univ, on barefoot running!

 Join us today for a great podcast with Dr. Dan Lieberman from Harvard University, one of the preeminent scientists in the world on the evolution of running in humans.  We talk about why barefoot running may be biomechanically the best way to run.  It is a fun conversation!

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42 - Dr. Lee Brown - Strength training with isokinetics and vibration!

In today's podcast, we talk to Dr. Lee Brown from the Univ. of California Fullerton about isokinetic resistance training.  We also cover whole body vibration and the role the National Strength and Conditioning Association plays in guaranteeing that your personal trainer knows what they are doing.

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