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208 - It's Podcast Friday! Mr. Jerrod Johnson, All-Conference Quarterback, Texas A&M and the NFL.  The award-winning HD6 Video Podcast series continues!

Today is the first video and audio-only rebroadcast from the 2016 Huffines Discussion.   Up today in our series is Mr. Jerrod Johnson, All Conference Quarterback, Texas A&M and the NFL.  Mr. Johnson's talk is called "Sports Medicine from an Athlete's Perspective" and discusses what it is like for an elite athlete to undergo career-threatening injuries and the subsequent difficult rehabilitation. LISTEN  or WATCH NOW!

Here is Mr. Johnson's bio.

Click here to see the video of this talk.

Click here for the transcript of the talk.

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Kevin Hughes
# Kevin Hughes
Friday, January 20, 2017 11:05 AM
Aloha Mr. Johnson, and Tim,

This may be one of the best Podcasts ever for a young athlete to listen to. Jerrod, your answers to those questions at the end of your speech were powerful statements: "Free play and structure." Wow. There was so much to unpack in your speech.
I think some of the messages came out so fast, and were so subtle: "doubt creeps in, and that is hard to mentally shake off. Because you know you can't run because of an ankle. But doubt goes deeper." Oh, yes.
REST. I am so glad you said that. And I loved when you corrected Tim, when he asked if you would have taken another month off, knowing what you know now. You said: "I probably would have taken two or more." REST. Yep.

Your discussion of the difference between natural talent, and learning how to throw correctly- again, it showed the technical structure needed to get to the next level. Exposure to wining, losing, injury, pressure, decisions - your ability to handle negative press, and people pushing you to succeed - all of that was exposure too.

Great talk, many many many little pears of hard earned wisdom in it. Timing is so important. You have a defined goal, making sure that no kid gets "lost" playing quarterback. I would suggest you also think about adding Professional Speaking to your crowded schedule. Take out a few "so's", slow down just a tad, and your talk could climb to the next level. Graduate Level Speaker- in your parlance.

You might be a young man, but you have learned the lessons that wise old people seem to have learned. The honest and direct answers you gave, those were heard by many a young person, and hopefully their parent too!

Thanks again, Smiles, Kevin

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