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Podcast Friday with Dr. Robert Chapkin and Dietary Chemo-Prevention

Today we have a special guest from the world of Nutrition, Dr. Robert Chapkin! Dr. Chapkin discusses his work with Dietary Chemo-prevention, Dietary methods, and Chronic Disease. If you are looking at how beneficial nutrition can be to cancer prevention this conversation is for you!  LISTEN NOW

Click here for the transcript of the talk.

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Kevin Hughes
Friday, June 23, 2017 4:56 PM
Aloha Doc Tim and Doc Chapkin,

Wonderful talk! I am upping my intake of veggies starting right now! Luckily, I like spinach, kale, and celery- and squash- so I know those take a while to digest. Fish? I only eat tuna, and cod. But those are cold water fish, but Doc, aren't they really compromised with heavy metals- like mercury? Is there a ball park number of servings of the fish part of your regimen?
My next question is on the compounds in Marijuana, the oil from that plant seems to be some sort of anti-inflammatory mechanism. Most of the work I have read on those cannabinoids (Mostly from Spain, and Holland researchers) suggest that even without the THC component- it is a bit of a miracle plant. What say you?
And finally, Should we eat dirt?
I am not being facetious Doc; when we were kids, we played in dirt- and often you had to spit out some from either your dirty hand, or getting your face rubbed in the grass. I am not suggesting that we go out and swallow a tea spoon of public park grass (with dogs and cats and squirrels)- I am wondering if rich soil didn't somehow add to the diversity of our biome in the gut?
I remember the taste of dirt when I was a kid, just rubbing it off my lips would be enough (I would think) to introduce some bacteria. I guess the modern way to ask that question is this : Are we too antiseptic with our environment and food preparation to allow for gut diversity ? Are out kitchens too clean?

Okay, just loved it, loved your passion, and your knowledge. Smiles, Kevin

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