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222- It's Podcast Friday! Presenting the first "Story Behind the Study"

Every study has an untold story behind it and as part of our regular podcast series, we want to bring you those stories.  Over the coming episodes, you'll hear the behind-the-scenes stories of the most memorable studies from our guests, which we hope will give you insight what makes these studies so special.  We kick off the series today with our Director, Tim Lightfoot and a memorable study from 1988 with cardiac transplant patients!  LISTEN NOW

Here's the original study!

Click here for the transcript of the talk.

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Kevin Hughes
# Kevin Hughes
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 5:00 PM
Aloha Tim,

Wow! Great episode. So is it possible that we pass out so quickly because we have community to help us out? You said most mammals can reach 60% or greater blood loss before passing out, is that so they can survive in the wild and get away from the threat - even wounded. Whereas we pas out right away so we can circle the wagons and defend the group?

I can't even imagine the amount of "red-tape" in a project like that. Oh. My. Gosh. So many mysteries in Science, especially now that the Quantum World has invaded biology. That a photon can be selected by a plant to go only to a specific receptor, or that a single electron is processed in the mitochondria ATP to ADP to stripping off a single electron.

Mysteries abound, and just like your study showed, sometimes the answer isn't any clearer after the experiment. But we now know more about something, or at least, what won't work.

Smiles, Kevin
Tim Lightfoot
# Tim Lightfoot
Thursday, September 21, 2017 9:55 AM
Thanks Kevin - you can tell that it was a 'fun' experiment in so many ways, just because it is the first that springs to my mind regarding memorable studies, even though we did it 30 years ago....


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