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53 - Live from Doha, Qatar: Sports Illustrated's David Epstein on Baseball Doping and Concussions

It's a special holiday podcast with Sports Illustrated writer David Epstein.  We have two firsts in this podcast:  our first three-time guest, and our first podcast live from Doha, Qatar.  We talk with David about Ryan Braun doping, Colt McCoy's concussion, and what he's doing in Qatar for Sports Illustrated.  It's our holiday podcast - the elves had fun putting this one together!


Speaking of the elves - we're giving them a couple of weeks off.  So we'll see you all in the new year - enjoy the holidays!


Remember that you can win a free Huffines t-shirt by listening to the podcast and being the first to send us an email with the answer to the question.  And don't think you're too late to us anyway!  (But remember that the elves are off and you may not hear from them for a week or so!


Our holiday music is courtesy of Jackie and The Cedrics and is called "Osaka Holiday".  It comes courtesy of


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Kevin Hughes
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 1:19 PM
Once again, David came across as unbiased, and informed. Going to the Arabic Games, without knowing anyone, well, that is quite the challenge. But, it will be a neat article - finding out how they can even field an Olympic Team from some of those countries. I bet rich folks have to "sponsor" them, to even get them there. I am not sure the governments are organized enough to send them. But, they did get them to the Arab Games, and that is pretty cool. You two have a great rapport on the air , by the way. It was more like listening to two old friend talking rather than an interview. Good Luck David, get a good story! Smiles Kevin
Clarity Way
Thursday, February 23, 2012 3:11 AM
Major League Baseball has not announced the positive test because Braun is disputing the result through arbitration.A spokesman for Braun confirmed the positive test.

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