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58 - Dr. Jay Williams - Social Media and Sports Medicine with Soccer!

Dr. Jay Williams from Virginia Tech joins us in the podcast today to talk about using social media to translate sports medicine to the public, especially in the area of soccer.  Jay actually works in the area of molecular biology and sports and in the last few years has really been working to make Sports Science understandable to the public.  So join us for this fun conversation!


A couple of links that we mention in the podcast:


• FIFA's 11+ warm-up and injury prevention program


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Kevin Hughes
Monday, February 27, 2012 9:51 PM
I don't know how you keep finding these wizards, but, Keep it up. Just knowing how much nutritional information you need for playing matches- should help a lot of coaches and players. How fine tuned these studies are really getting. I mean, Holy Cow, the difference between having matches at 8am, and then 4pm, is significantly different then matches at 10am and 2pm. As a former wrestler, and volleyball player, where tournaments get crammed into a weekend- that would have been great knowledge. And the website warning...bad science, or just bad reporting- things to be aware of. Another Great podcast. Thanks Jay!

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