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67 - Ms. Roberta Anding - Nutrition for the elite athlete and everyone

This week we are pleased to be joined by Ms. Roberta Anding, RD/LD who is is the Director of Sports Nutrition at Texas Children's Hospital.  She is also the Sports Dietician for the NFL's Houston Texans, MLB's Houston Astros, and the Houston Ballet.  She has numerous awards and credentials in Sports Nutrition and brings a deep level of experience in the field.  This is a straight-ahead discussion of the nutritional challenges of both elite athletes and normal folks.  It's a fun conversation!


We mention the following links  in the podcast:

• Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition - find an RD -

• Academy of Nutrition -


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Tim Lightfoot
# Tim Lightfoot
Thursday, May 10, 2012 6:18 AM
from KevinH: Roberta, I have to say: "Great Answers!" The "My Plate" matching up science with simplicity is worth its weight in well, good food. Your insights into different nutritional needs, based on lifestyle, economic status, and profession - well, as my British friends would say: "Spot On." Nor was your message of finding educated folks to speak with about diet and nutrition, lost on us regular people. "If you cheat, I hope you get caught. " If you got duped, you are not necessarily a dope. Got that message too. If you cheat in nutrition, it only hurts you - directly. What fun, the time just sped by, and you sure hit what Tim wanted - experts who can talk to those of who are not. Without making us feel like we need a degree to listen! Intellectually, my plate is full!

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