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80 - Ms. Christie Aschwanden - Sport Doping and The Olympics

Today's podcast is the second of our Olympic themed podcasts.  We are pleased to have award-winning sports journalist Christie Ashwanden join us today to talk about the London Olympics and sports doping.  Christie has written stories that have appeared in most of the major magazines and newspapers in the United States and she has a great perspective on the big topics in sports medicine today.  This is a great conversation with one of the best young writers in the United States!


The following links will take you to many of Christie's articles.  The articles are so worth your time!


Christie Aschwanden's Home Page


Christie's Blog with great short observations on science and writing.


• Christie's recent Smithsonian article on Sports Doping

• Christie's piece on the future of cheating in Sport


• Christie's newest piece on Athletes Taking Supplements

• Christie's take on getting hate mail because of her articles


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