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105 - It's Podcast Friday with Dr. Mike Thornton and College Basketball Officiating!

In honor of the Final Fours (both men's and women's college basketball) this weekend, we're pleased to have Dr. Mike Thornton with us in the podcast this week to talk about refereeing college basketball.  For the past several weeks, we've all enjoyed March Madness and the attention that College Basketball gets during this time of the year.  The one group of involved folks that we don't normally hear from are the Basketball Referees.  Given the important role they play in the game and the recent media attention focused on referees, we thought it would be great to hear from a Division I College Basketball Referee.  Dr. Thornton has officiated Division 1 basketball for several years and brings a great perspective on watching basketball (and gives some suggestions on how to properly heckle referees!)...This is a timely and fun conversation.


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Kevin Hughes
Thursday, April 18, 2013 11:16 PM
Great Talk!

Watch out for those canes. Let the kids play. I love that. Yet, they need to know the rules are there for a reason, and I like that too. Creative heckling...oh yeah. Here is my favorite : "Ref, you need to date my grandma, she can't see either, but she would have seen that foul, and she wouldn't have been afraid to tell you." And when you talk about Fan Knowledge, oh boy, go to a BBall School. I once got to go to an ACC playoff game and I heard this heckle of an official: " Ref, when they rotated to the week side and did the deep corner pass, it was so that damn center could block your view of the play. Your hips are giving you away!" Now, those are some smart fans! Does anyone call palming anymore? Or is it just for us little guys who can't hide our grip? LOL Good job.
mike thornton
# mike thornton
Friday, April 19, 2013 9:09 AM
Thanks for sharing. Those are great. It's interesting, from the perspective of a former player/coach, now as an official, how you see situations "creep" into the game. Palming is one of those creepers. It starts slowly, with just a play or two, and a player or two, then suddenly, every ball handler, every possession. Can get really challenging to call the "creeper" plays. As fans, we always want that play called---as long as it's against the other team.

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