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106 - It's Podcast Friday with Dr. Judy Sandlin, USADA and Doping-education

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has been in the news quite a bit over the past year.  What most don't understand is that USADA also has a full educational outreach effort to work to decrease doping in sports.  We are pleased to have Dr. Judy Sandlin in the podcast today who works extensively with USADA's educational efforts.  This is a fun conversation that highlights the other - and mostly unknown - side of the anti-doping efforts in the world.

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Here are links for sites mentioned in the podcast:

• (source of USADA educational efforts)


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Kevin Hughes
Sunday, April 21, 2013 10:40 PM
Hey Doc Judy,

Great talk! Not often you here the word "character" anymore. I love that angle of letting them know that it is okay to lose with class- and win with class. I also had to laugh at the Harry Potter like references to the one who can't be named- except as the cyclist down in Austin. LOL
Interesting point you brought up about the Baseball guys, who didn't break any existing rules - yet, still couldn't find it within themselves to just come out and say: "I took this stuff, because it was okay. It gave me an edge." Values. Hmm? On the other hand, you have folks like Pete Rose, who broke rules formed by moral codes, that had nothing to do with the game- and his records are even being discredited- yet, he earned every one of them, without cheating. Interesting stuff you are into. Oh, and what you put in your body... don't us older folks know about that. You can actually see the donuts I ate as a middle aged man, because they are my middle! Keep educating folks: You are what you eat, and What you do makes me no listen to what you say. A fellow Pollyanna realist. Kevin

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