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135 - It's Video-Podast Friday! with Hall of Fame Coach Mark Johnson

Today is the second video and audio-only rebroadcast from the 2013 Huffines Discussion.  Up today in our series is Hall of Fame Coach Mark Johnson.  Coach Johnsons's talk is titled: "Athletics as the Front Porch of the University: Why Athletics is Important to a University's Mission".


Here is Coach Johnson's Biographical Sketch.

Click here to see the video of this talk.

Click here for the transcript of the talk.

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Kevin Hughes
Friday, January 24, 2014 2:36 PM
Great Talk! I think Coach must be a lay preacher...he held himself back though. Yes, athletics are the Front Porch. Notre Dame didn't become famous, and the focal point of several movies, because Knute Rockne taught Chemistry. There is much to learn from Team Sports, not the least of which, is how hard it is to succeed. Same skills apply to academics, business, and research, building a team with a single focus, and contributions from all team members, well, that is distilled to its pure essence in team sports. I also liked his take on paying the Athletes...he understands both sides, but believe me, if we start paying them, well, the top 25 teams will be the ONLY teams in existence. Great Talk. Loved it. Good luck Coach...keep preaching! Kevin

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