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143 - It's Podcast Friday! with Dr. Laurie Priest and Sports Inclusion!

We're so pleased to have Dr. Laurie Priest join us in the podcast today.  Dr. Priest was and continues to be one of the pioneers in women's sport and the inclusion of women in all aspects of sport.  This is a great conversation about some of the history of this movement and how all sports have and will continue to benefit from full inclusion. Enjoy!  LISTEN NOW!

Click here for the full transcript of this podcast.

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Tim Lightfoot
# Tim Lightfoot
Monday, March 31, 2014 11:51 AM
Posted for Kevin H. : Aloha Laurie and Tim,
First, Laurie get ahold of Libby Riddles (first woman winner of the Iditatrod) you will love her- and her dogs! Tim, you might consider her for a speaker at the Huffines Insttitue since both her AND HER DOGS, are true athletes! Laurie, I thougth you made great sense, escpecially when you labeled certain sports as having moved into the realm of Entertainment. Simply brilliant.
Oh, and the wars...especially in Women's Basketball...Jody Condrant U of Texas Womens's basket ball coach, and the first non relative to hold my first child more than 30 years ago, and Tennessee's Coach, and Stephen F. Austin's Coach, and th Lousianna Tech Coach...well, those four women changed history. Unfortunately, Jody went with the old order, and Pat, with the NCAA- and as Robert Frost said:
"....I took the road less travelled and that has made all the difference."
I lean towards Sports being taken out of Universities completely, but am not naive enough to think that wouldn't change why folks go to Universities. LOL Europe uses the Sports Club model, and I don't think they have any problem with athletes with gifted bodies and drive, being forced to try and be as good a student, as they are, maybe that is a philosphy that the competive American Cultural Cloak, male or female, just isn't comfortable with. We need winners, and people who know how to loose, and then become a winner. Great talk. I see the Iditarod in your future! Smiles, Kevin
And, I think both Libby Riddles and Michael Moduleski - both Alaskan's now, but Libby grew up in Minnesota and drove to Alaska, at fifteen, in a pink cadillac funeral hearse! How she survived and thrived is a incredible talk.
Michael's Father was a Hall of Fame tackle for the Cleveland Browns ( Big Mo), and Michael played wide receiver at a Big Ten School. But he moved up to Alaska, and lived alone in a cabin for a year. And his story is simply amazing. What it takes to live up there in the Winter. He gives a passionate talk too.
Anyways, you can contact Libby through Michael, and use my name! Smiles, Kevin at home

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