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145 - It's Podcast Friday! with Texas A&M Coach Mark Hagen and the Linebacker position!

All around the country, spring football is underway.  To salute spring football, we are pleased to have Coach Mark Hagen, Linebackers Coach at Texas A&M join us in the podcast.  This is a wide-ranging conversation from how you become a college football coach, to recruiting, to the role of the linebacker in modern football.  It's a fun conversation!  Enjoy!  LISTEN NOW!

Click here for the full transcript of this podcast.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014 12:11 PM
Great talk Mark,
Oh, dear. Three back surgeries, and a shoulder reconstruction- and how does that help in recruiting? However, the love of the game, and the life lessons, well, I am so glad you both hammered home the point that you have to be good at what you do, and sell yourself. Trust does not develop in a vacuum. I also liked what he said about complex plays and "hybrid" positions. It is amazing how specific they have gotten: "...he is in that 215 to 220 range..." Oh my Gosh. Five pounds (and I am assuming that is all muscle) can determine position? Wow. I grew up in Big Ten Country (Ohio State) although I always thought of Indiana for Basketball with good old Bobby Knight. I think mark took much teasing (since he didn't get harrassed-lol) Lots of football in that talk. Smiles, Kevin

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