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150 - It's Podcast Friday with A&M Track & Field Coach Pat Henry and 34 National Titles!

We are honored to have A&M's Head Track and Field Coach, Pat Henry on the podcast today.  Coach Henry's teams have won 34 National Championships over his career, including seven in the last five years here at A&M. We appreciate that Coach Henry took time out of his busy schedule in between national track meets to chat with us.  So if you think that Track & Field is only an every '4 years' type of sport, it's worth your time to listen to this podcast!  Enjoy!  LISTEN NOW!

Click here for the Track and Field Fact Sheet that is mentioned in the podcast.

Click here for the full transcript of this podcast. 

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Kevin Hughes
Sunday, May 11, 2014 9:38 AM
Hey Coach, Hey Tim,
Man, I learned a lot! And it was interesting to see how thrilled Coach was about the women. However, I do have a tiny controversy : In David Epstein's book, he says that if you take away the "Hormone/Steroids" that women's times and records went back wards. Whereas, the Men, are still shaving time off of every record. Only the distance swimmers seemed to be gaining on the men's records. Is that true?
Okay, I loved his idea of getting fans in the seats! As a former Collegiate X Country runner, I can truly say: "Thank God for relatives and girlfriends!"Other wise there wouldn't be anybody at duel meets! I never realized the impact of the metric system ...I guess we should have copied Canada, and just went one way..period. But we kept both alive, and now, well, what is 2.7 meters? LOL Great talk, and what a record! Smiles Kevin

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