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151 - Podcast Friday is back! With Kerrie Patterson-Brown and Coaching Excellence!

Today's podcast has a guest host - Dr. John Thornton, Director of the Texas A&M Coaching Academy as well as a former Aggie Athlete and Coach, Ms. Kerrie Patterson-Brown, who is the director of the new Legacy-Collegiate Middle and High School in Houston.  Ms. Patterson-Brown not only had athletic and coaching experience at the Div. 1 University level, but now is working to provide opportunities and education through the lens of coaching and teamwork. Plus, there is a bonus person in the podcast (but we'll keep that as a surprise for your listening pleasure).  Enjoy! LISTEN NOW!

Click here for Legacy-Collegiate Middle and High School website

Click here for the full transcript of this podcast. 

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Kevin Hughes
Saturday, August 2, 2014 10:50 AM
First of all, loved the "love Story." Yep. Just like Reggie, I had one sweetheart in HS, and then found my true love, and 34 years later...still the best decision I ever made. You go guys!
Second, I am taking a course at Harvard called : "Leaders in Learning." Well, doggone if Kerri isn't truly leading edge in both. (The course is online for free, and only six weeks, in case Kristie wants to see how truly 22 century her Legacy School idea is)
What a remarkable idea for a school, and it fits in with what the future will need from our kids. Plus, both of you have had to weather storms that most of us will never experience, going from dead on the field, to finding a way to use your brain and experience, and leave the limelight to Then for Kristie to look back and see how to combine the talents of two athletic and academic people, into a way to contribute. Quiet heroes indeed.
Like most of the "smart people " you just kept working hard until you passed the people who knew it all. LOL
I hope your school is a super success (and by that, if you introduce the kids to possibilities - then you were successful) it is going to morph, just like you both did, and your marriage is...not bad, or good, just different. You are treading in uncharted waters (even though, ironically, it is a Charter School...sorry, you are an English major, so I couldn't resist.LOL) Good luck to you and your family. Smiles, Kevin

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