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226-It's Podcast Friday! Presenting the "Story behind the Study" with Dr. James Fluckey!

Every study has an untold story behind it and as part of our regular podcast series, we want to bring you those stories. Today we are glad to welcome back Dr. James Fluckey, who is in our Kinesiology Department. He focuses on protein turnover and glucoregulatory function in our muscles. He is here today to talk about one of his most memorable studies!

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212 - The award winning HD6 video podcast continues! Dr. Sue Bodine from Univ. California Davis and muscle hypertrophy!

Today is the fifth video and audio-only rebroadcast from the 2016 Huffines Discussion.   Up today in our series is Dr. Sue Bodine from the University of California Davis.  Dr. Bodine's talk is called "Skeletal Muscle and the Key to a Healthy Life" and talks about muscle is an important tissue to consider in health and how we can change muscle size.  LISTEN  or WATCH NOW!

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204 - It's Podcast Friday - With Dr. Deanna Kennedy and Bimanual Coordination!

Playing the piano, swinging a golf club, typing words on a computer - what do all these activities have in common? Physiologically, each requires the careful coordination of different movements by both limbs to complete the task. This is bimanual coordination, and we have Dr. Deanna Kennedy in the studio to talk about it! Join us for a talk on the very basics of human performance, and how completion of even the smallest tasks is an impressive physiological feat! LISTEN NOW!

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202 - It's Podcast Friday - With Dr. Susan Kleiner and Sports Nutrition!
Healthy lifestyle choices are an important part of every athlete's routine, particularly when it has to do with the fuel they give their body. Join us for an interesting discussion on nutrition in athletics, with Dr. Susan Kleiner, a highly decorated nutritionist, scientist and author. Dr. Kleiner is the owner of High Performance Nutrition, LLC, a consulting firm in Mercer Island, Washington, and has authored eight books on nutrition and dieting. We're thrilled to have her on the podcast! LISTEN NOW!

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Huffines Institute Human Performance Minute Presented by TexAgs SportsRadio: "Hamstring"

This week's Human Performance Minute discusses hamstring injuries in soccer, featuring the research of Huffines Discussion 2014 scholar Dr. Christie Aschwanden. For more information, check out the links listed below.



Be sure to check out future weekly Huffines Institute Human Performance Minute broadcasts at TexAgs SportsRadio (The Zone 1150 AM) every Wednesday morning at 10:45am. If you missed it you can listen to it here!

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160 - It's Podcast Friday! with Dr. Marielle Engelen and preventing muscle mass

Today we are pleased to welcome to the podcast Dr. Marielle Engelen from the Center for Translational Research in Aging and Longevity here at Texas A&M.  Dr. Engelen chats with us about the current research into the prevention of muscle loss in chronic diseases like COPD and cystic fibrosis and how things we can do every day - both from an activity and diet approach - can prevent this muscle loss.  Enjoy! LISTEN NOW!

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152 - It's Podcast Friday! with Univ. of Kentucky's Dr. Karyn Esser and muscle biology!

Welcome back to the Fall season of the Huffines Podcast!  Our season kicks off with Dr. Karyn Esser who is the Director of the Center for Muscle Biology at the University of Kentucky.  We're pleased to have Dr. Esser with us and we chat about various topics related to muscle growth and circadian rhythms.  Enjoy!

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123 - It's Podcast Friday with Jon Feinman and reducing violence with weightlifting
Join us for an inspirational podcast with Mr. Jon Fienman, the founder and Director of InnerCity Weightlifting in Boston, Mass.  Using exercise and sports to promote positive social values is not new - but the courage and vision to directly take on violence and work to reduce violence through weightlifting is incredibly unusual.  Mr. Fienman takes us on a journey from his life as a soccer player to an inner city activist who is working to reduce gang violence through sports and exercise.   LISTEN NOW!

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122 - It's Podcast Friday with UMd's Dr. Jim Hagberg with stem cells and McArdle's Syndrome!
We are pleased to have on of the giants in the field of Exercise Physiology, Dr. Jim Hagberg join us in the podcast today.  Dr. Hagberg has a long list of honors and awards and while we'll talk about some of his paradigm-shifting work with lactate, we'll also talk about his new work with exercise and stem cells (this work will also probably paradigm-shifting as well!).  Dr. Hagberg is a great scientist and one of the truly good human beings in science.  So listen in on the conversation.

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96 - It's Podcast Friday with Dr. Melinda Sheffield-Moore and muscle-wasting in cancer
Today, we are pleased to joined by Dr. Melinda Sheffield-Moore from the University of Texas Medical Branch.  Dr. Sheffield-Moore is a renowned scientist in muscle development especially in the area of muscle wasting that occurs with cancer and aging.  Much of her work has been involved with testosterone supplementation and how that helps develop muscle, especially in chronic diseases.

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