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It's Podcast Friday! with US Navy's Dr./Lt. Patrick Dougherty and Exercise/Aerospace Physiology!

Sports Medicine and Human Performance over the past 10 years has become a topic of increased interest in our military forces.  So we are pleased to have Dr/Lt. Patrick Dougherty of the US Navy with us today to talk about aerospace physiology and exercise physiology.  This is a great podcast about the career paths in the military for exercise scientists and about the real-world, life and death impact that these folks can have.  Enjoy! 

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It's Podcast Friday with Capt. Julianne Gillespie and Exercise / Aerospace Physiology!
Our podcast guest today, Air Force Captain Julianne Gillespie, is an Aerospace Physiologist with a fighter group and is also a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist with a Masters degree!  We have a great conversation with Capt. Gillespie about the demands of flying high-performance jets and how exercise physiology can help optimize pilot performance.

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Charlie Kimball - IndyCar Driver - The fastest podcast we've ever done!

IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball joins us to talk about the special sports medicine needs of an IndyCar driver as well as his special physiological needs.  Charlie is the first elite racing driver to race with Type 1 Diabetes and it is incredibly interesting to hear how his team (and IndyCar) handles his condition.

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BIG Announcement!  The Line-up for the Huffines Discussion!

 This is a special (short) podcast to officially announce the line-up for the first Huffines Discussion.  Join us on April 1 from 1-4 pm at Rudder Auditorium as these national leaders and thinkers in sports medicine talk about the big topics.  Hit our Discussion page for more details, maps, etc!

Given the conversational nature of these topics, all can attend - and there is no admission charge.  Doors open at 12:30....See you there!

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Bone health, exercise, and spaceflight

 Dr. Sue Bloomfield joins us to discuss spaceflight, exercise, and bone - maybe the most important physiology problem facing humans is flying in space. Also, we talk about the links between nutrition and bone health and how you can do some relatively simple things to promote bone health.

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