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224-It's Podcast Friday! Presenting the "Story behind the Study" with Dr. John Buchanan and Motor Control

Every study has an untold story behind it and as part of our regular podcast series, we want to bring you those stories. Today we have Dr. John Buchanan back to discuss a little more on what we left off in our last podcast as well as tell us of one of his studies from the 1990s. His work on Motor Control is something that is very intresting and we are very happy to have him back in the studio.

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Huffines Institute Human Performance Minute Broadcast by TexAgs SportsRadio: "Broken ankles vs. Tendon ligament tear"

For more information about this week’s Human Performance Minute, check out the links listed below.

Be sure to check out future weekly Huffines Institute Human Performance Minute broadcasts at TexAgs SportsRadio (The Zone 1150 AM) every Wednesday morning at 10:45am. If you missed it you can listen to it 

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77 - Huffines Discussion 2012 - Univ. Colorado's Dr. Wendy Kohrt and Building Strength and Bones!
This is the audio-only podcast of Dr. Wendy Kohrt's 2012 Huffines Discussion Talk titled "Got Strength? Building Stronger Bones through Exercise".   Dr. Kohrt is a highly lauded scientist and was recently selected to give the prestigious Wolfe Lecture keynote talk at the American College of Sports Medicine meeting. 

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61 - Mr. Bryan Minniti - Washington Nationals Asst. General Manager

Baseball season is almost here!  We've got a great podcast today with MLB's Washington Nationals Asst. GM Bryan Minniti about professional baseball, injuries, and rehab in a large organization with multi-million dollar athletes.  Join us for Mr. Minniti's behind-the-scenes insights about professional baseball.

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7 - Dr. Wendy Kohrt - How exercise can affect bone and your health

 Dr. Wendy Kohrt from the University of Colorado joins us today for a great discussion of how bone changes during our lifespan and how exercise and some common over-the-counter drugs can negatively influence bone.

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