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133 - It's Video-Podcast Friday! with Huffines Discussion Scholar Dr. Jim Pivarnik from Michigan State!

Today we kick off the video and audio-only rebroadcasts of the Speakers from the 2013 Huffines Discussion.  First up in our series is Dr. Jim Pivarnik from Michigan State University.  Dr. Pivarnik's talk is titled: "Exercise and Pregnancy: Past, Present, and Future".

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89 - It's Podcast Friday with DeCore Fitness Studio's Terri Gonzalez!

On a periodic basis, we bring practitioners from the fitness-world to give folks tips and insight about working out and increasing their activity levels.  Today we are pleased to have Ms. Terri Gonzalez owner of DeCore Fitness Studio join us to talk about the relatively recent development of private, personal exercise studios.  This is a great conversation about this new personal gym movement as well as what you should look for if you're joining a gym.

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39 - Mythbusting: Exercise-style!

Recently published a list of the top ten exercise myths.  But are those myths really myths?  We asked four bright, rising stars in Exercise Science - Brad Lambert, Emily Schmitt, David Ferguson, and Justin Dobson - for their take on the 'myths'.  It's a fun group, a fun conversation, and the first time we've had four guests on the podcast at the same time!

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34 - Mr. Roy Fielding - It's Summer!  Let's Swim!

 It's summer!  Time to go swimming!  Today, we talk to Mr. Roy Fielding who has been named as one of the 25 most influential Aquatics professionals in the world.

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