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203 - It's Podcast Friday - With Dr. Marlene Dixon and Sport and Life Quality!
Most believe that sport, particularly organized sport, is a generally good and positive activity that leads to positive outcomes - but why? How can we maximize the positive outcomes that sport has with the greatest regularity? Join us with Dr. Marlene Dixon, as we take on these questions and more in this week's podcast! LISTEN NOW

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199 - It's Podcast Friday - With Drs. Chanam Lee and Marcia Ory and Active Living Austin!
This week's podcast features an unlikely partnership - Texas A&M's College of Architecture and School of Public Health are combining with the Department of Health and Kinesiology to produce cutting-edge research on physical activity in communities!  Drs. Chanam Lee and Marcia Ory join us for an interesting discussion on health, location, and the environment as they discuss the NIH supported "Active Living Austin" project.  LISTEN NOW!

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198 - It's Podcast Friday! - With Dr. David Thompson and Educational Ethics!

Joining us this week is Dr. David Thompson, a Professor in the Dept. of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Dr. Thompson talks about his experiences over his career, and the often challenging circumstances that arise throughout our public education system. A really interesting talk!  LISTEN NOW

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Huffines Institute Human Performance Minute Presented by TexAgs SportsRadio: "Softball Pitch"

For more information about this week’s Human Performance Minute, check out the links listed below.

Be sure to check out future weekly Huffines Institute Human Performance Minute broadcasts at TexAgs SportsRadio (The Zone 1150 AM) every Wednesday morning at 10:45am. If you missed it you can listen to it here!

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170 - It's Podcast Friday! with Dr. David Dzewaltowski and Kid's After-School Activity Programs!

It is well accepted that childhood obesity is a major issue facing our society.  This increase in fatness has been accompanied (some would say 'caused by') a significant limiting of the daily activity of children.  Thus, we are pleased to have Dr. David Dzewaltowski from Kansas State University in the podcast today to talk about ways to help kids be more active - both in school and out of school. LISTEN NOW!

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168 - It's Video Podcast Friday! with Huffines Scholar Dr. John Chong and Optimal Health of Musicians!

Today is the ninth video and audio-only rebroadcast from the 2014 Huffines Discussion.   Up today in our series is Dr. John Chong, Medical Director of the Musicians' Clinics of Canada. Dr. Chong's talk is called "Tuning the Mind and Body of the Musician for Optimal health and Performance"and covers new technologies for monitoring musicians' bodies to help optimize movement and performances.

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166 - It's Video Podcast Friday! with Huffines Scholar Dr. Kris Chesky and Musicians' Hearing!
Today is the seventh video and audio-only rebroadcast from the 2014 Huffines Discussion.  Up today in our series is Dr. Kris Chesk...

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151 - Podcast Friday is back! With Kerrie Patterson-Brown and Coaching Excellence!

Today's podcast has a guest host - Dr. John Thornton, Director of the Texas A&M Coaching Academy as well as a former Aggie Athlete and Coach, Ms. Kerrie Patterson-Brown, who is the director of the new Legacy-Collegiate Middle and High School in Houston.  Ms. Patterson-Brown not only had athletic and coaching experience at the Div. 1 University level, but now is working to provide opportunities and education through the lens of coaching and teamwork. Plus, there is a bonus person in the podcast (but we'll keep that as a surprise for your listening pleasure).  Enjoy!

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149 - It's World Cup Special Podcast Thursday!  With Texas A&M Coach G Guerrieri!

As all world-wide soccer fans worldwide know, the World Cup starts today.  The next six weeks are the culmination of three years of qualifying and countries around the world are excited to see how their team does.  To kick-off the World Cup, we've got a special podcast with Texas A&M women's soccer coach G Guerrieri, the 2013 SEC Soccer Coach of the Year.  Coach G has put a team in the NCAA playoffs every year he has been coach here and has a deep and wide-ranging view of the world of soccer.  This is a great conversation to kick-off your World Cup viewing.  Enjoy! LISTEN NOW!

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147 - It's Podcast Friday! with Texas A&M Assoc. AD for Football Justin Moore!

Much of the sports media is focusing on next week's NFL draft - who will be drafted when and why. To salute the upcoming draft (and the three potential first-round picks from A&M), we have in the podcast Mr. Justin Moore who is the Associate Athletic Director for Football here at A&M.  In the podcast, we talk about football, but from a different angle than most people expect.  We think you'll enjoy hearing about how a big-time college football program is run... Enjoy!  LISTEN NOW!

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