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Entries for October 2015

Control of wrist and arm movements of varying difficulties

Jason Boyle, Ph.D

Our muscles are controlled by “motor units”, which each consist of a neuron, and the muscle fiber(s) it activates or “innervates”. The muscle that responds is termed an “effector”. Brain mapping studies have shown that a disproportionate area of the motor cortex governs certain effectors of the body. 

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Aquatic Treadmill Running
Brad S. Lambert, Ph.D, CSCCA-SCCC
Has there ever been a time when you decided to begin an exercise program or turn your current exercise program up a notch with an increase in workout time or intensity? Also, have you ever experienced prolonged muscle soreness days after doing so?

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 It’s OK to Eat Cholesterol. It May Even Be Good For You

Chang Woock Lee, B.A.

Cholesterol is perhaps the most notorious biological molecule of all. To many people, cholesterol is simply a synonym for heart attack, stroke, or cardiovascular disease because...

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“I WANT TO PUMP YOU UP” but I will need a major credit card and you will need to take 167 supplements a day.

David Ferguson, Ph.D, RCEP

I am always amazed at the flavor of the moment products in health and fitness. I am sure we are all familiar with the shake weight, six minute abs, and Tae Bo. Truth is some of these infomercial products do offer a health benefit while others do little for you...

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