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Entries for November 2015

What to do with a football lineman, when he stops being a football lineman?

Johnathan Oliver, Ph.D

Due to their intense training and physical abilities, athletes are assumed by many people to be healthy individuals. However, this may not always be the case. Studies have recently shown that football athletes, particularly linemen, are...

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 How does ‘chunking’ help expand your memory? Verifying that consolidation resulting in offline learning influences motor chunks.

Sanjeev R. Bhatia, B.P.T.

Human memory and the ability to recall vast amounts of trivia and unrelated information have intrigued scientists and researchers for quite some time. However, sometimes memory is inconsistent in its retrievability. 

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Erin Simmons Recently, coconut oil has exploded in popularity: it is added to coffee, used in cooking, and even consumed by the spoonful. This begs...

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"My Racket Can't Find the Ball!"

Priscila Caçola, Ph.D

Have you ever wondered why a child learning to strike with a tennis racquet has trouble “finding” the ball? For adults, research shows that holding a racket or any tool that increases the ability of the body to reach further makes the....

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