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Entries for December 2015

Water Is Key!
Andrew Jagim, Ph.D, CSCS

"To unlock better performance, consider the humble beverage water. It is often one of the most overlooked and underappreciated ergogenic aids in today’s world of sports. The body is made up of ~70% water, which makes hydration a vital component for success-- not only during but..."

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Brittany Rosen Ph.D, CHES

Andrea L. DeMaria, Ph.D

Articles encompassing sex and exercise are trending in popular magazines, with pieces such as Have an Orgasmic Workout published by Women’s Health, and Orgasm at the Gym? It’s the Female Coregasm!published by Men’s Health. Due to hyperbole surrounding the topic, and our background in sexual health, we felt it was both necessary, and interesting, to explore the topic further.

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Sclerostin: Bad to the Bone?

Brandon Macias, Ph.D

Most folks, especially those who do not suffer from bone debilitating diseases, might forget that their skeletons are “alive.”  Yes, the bone that protects your vital organs and works with your muscles to get you out of bed in the morning is constantly remodeling.

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