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Entries for March 2013

N-Acetylcysteine, the Obscure Antioxidant

Majid Koozehchian, M.S.
The antioxidant N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a modified form of essential amino acid cysteine, which is both consumed in high-protein food and synthesized in the body, does not receive much attention but has important, positive impacts in the body (1).

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Where “Wnt” The Bone!  Resistance Exercise Prevents Bone Loss
Brandon Macias, Ph.D
"The estimated lifetime risks of an osteoporotic fracture are about 50% in women and 22% in men. Fractures in the elderly lead to large, often irreversible loss of quality of life and are associated with an increased risk of death. Furthermore, annual direct-care costs attributable to osteoporotic fractures are estimated to cost up to $18 billion in the United States. Most research to date has shown that regular weight bearing exercise helps preserve bone mineral density in postmenopausal women and older men."

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It's not just about playing the game...

Kwame J.A. Agyemang, Ph.D

For those in the workforce, you may remember completing some type of training or orientation before you actually started your duties. Thinking back, how would you rate the usefulness of that training?

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