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Entries for May 2015

Fueling the Lean, Mean Vegetarian Machine
Kyle Levers, MS, CSCS Strength and power athletes are a unique athlete subset, which includes many different types of athletes and can span...

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The Female Athlete Triad: The Importance of Energy

Kaleigh Camp, M.S.

The American College of Sports Medicine refers to the female athlete triad as the interrelationships among energy availability, menstrual function, and bone mineral density. The new Triad model has each component of the female athlete triad on a continuous spectrum...

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Is GU© for You?

Read the weekly text article written by Emily Schmitt, Ph.D.

Researchers have studied diet manipulation for years in relation to delaying the onset of fatigue, and these studies have resulted in mixed conclusions. Scientific publications conclude that...

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Make Time for Nutrients

Andrew Jagim, Ph.D, CSCS

It has long been accepted that exercise, specifically resistance training, is the primary way to increase muscle mass. However, an often-overlooked component of this process is the importance of nutrition and even more importantly, the timing of nutrients. Without the proper combination of nutrients, timing and exercise, one may not reach full potential.

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Please Spit in this Tube and I Will Tell you How Stressed Out You Are.

David Ferguson, Ph.D, RCEP

"In the competitive sport world, athletes are required to train year-round in order to maintain a state of physical conditioning that will optimize performance during game day. With certain sports having longer seasons than others, this idea of year-round training can lead to the athlete becoming “overtrained”. Overtraining is described as a decrease in lean muscle mass..."

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