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Entries for June 2014

Resistance Exercise: a less painful start for losing weight and fighting obesity for those with low aerobic capacity
Vincent C.W. Chen, B.S.
"Have you been unable to meet an exercise goal but couldn’t last even a short time? Is there another way to start a fat-burning exercise program without painful, frustrating feelings?"

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Rubbing The Knee
Greeshma Prabhu, BPT, M.S.

"The knee is the most important joint of the leg, providing stability and locomotion. This joint is formed by the articulation of the long bones of the leg called the femur (above the knee) and the tibia (below), along with a triangular bone, the patella (or kneecap), in between. Ligaments serving the knee joint are the anterior and posterior cruciate and the medial and lateral collateral ligaments."

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