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Entries for July 2015

Down-side of being a female athlete

Greeshma Prabhu, B.P.T., M.S.

Several decades ago, the US Government passed the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which eliminated sex discrimination in any education program or activity receiving Federal aid. This law led to a rise in the female participation in sports over time, up to more than 150,000 women playing sports today...

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Caffeine: Friend or Foe?

Steve Bui, M.S.

Oh, glorious caffeine, one of man’s best friends! For typical college students and other active individuals, it is a commonly required form of nourishment for any function before 10:00 AM. While we all know the basic immediate effects of caffeine (decreased fatigue, increased energy, and decreased appetite), it might be interesting to look at how that cup of coffee might affect other parts of your day.

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A Little Fish Oil Could Go a Long Way

Justin Dobson, Ph.D(c), CSCS, SCCC 

Inflammation is a natural response to stress put on the body. It is the first step in the body’s healing process, in which repair cells are directed from the blood into the injured tissue. Acute (short-lived) inflammation is necessary, but problems arise when inflammation persists (chronic inflammation)...

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Special Issues of Social Responsibility

Kwame J.A. Agyemang, Ph.D

For quite some time, businesses and large corporations have used corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a management strategy for day-to-day operations. In summary, CSR offers a template for the way corporations should conduct business (e.g., their economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary responsibilities to society).

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To drink (your energy), or not to drink. . . that is the question.

Faith A. Lightfoot, BSE

"With the introduction of Redbull to the United States in 1997, many athletes started consuming these drinks for additional energy and a reduction of fatigue. However,..."

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