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Entries for August 2015

PPAR-delta, the New Potential Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome, May Be Produced by Your Own Body

Vincent C.W. Chen, B.S.

Metabolic syndrome, a condition including insulin resistance (causing diabetes), obesity, hyperlipidemia (high blood lipids), hypertension, and heart disease, is mainly due to high fat diets and lack of physical activity. It has become a major health concern in modern society...

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Bittersweet Sarcopenia

Nina Laidlaw Rumler, B.A.

You might not have heard of sarcopenia, but it touches everyone – everyone who lives long enough to undergo this normal physiological process. A lessening of muscle mass and function, its cumulative effect is becoming a significant public health concern.

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I can’t breathe and you want me to run?!?!?! Understanding Exercise-Induced Asthma

David Ferguson, Ph.D, RCEP

One of the best parts of my job is that every day is different. I recall one day in particular when I received a phone call from a woman interested in coming into the lab to have a fitness assessment done.   The interesting part was that she said she did not want to do a VOmax test...

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Feel the Burn, Not the Burnout, Year Round

Travis Irby, M.A., M.Ed.

Many athletes compete in sports year round. Sometimes the athlete is involved in one sport with one long season spent with various school and club teams throughout the year. Other times, an athlete is involved in several different sports over a year. Whatever the case, it is important that the year-round athlete prevent the mental and physical burnout that can come with the rigors of never-ending competition.  

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