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Entries for September 2013

Quidditch: Simultaneously Pursuing Snitches and Gender Equality in Sport
Adam Cohen, Ph.D

"J.K. Rowling has accomplished more than conquering the literary world (over 400 million books in the Harry Potter series have been sold) and the movie industry (over seven billion dollars grossed worldwide). According to the 2008 Kids & Family Reading Report, she can also be given accolades for increasing children’s desire to read: "three in four kids say reading Harry Potter or having someone read Harry Potter aloud has made them-interested in reading other books." But beyond all of those successes from the franchise, there could be yet another benefit rising in schools across the country."

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I <3 Your Sugar Sweet Game! -- Exercise and Diabetes
John Seawright, B.S. 
"The national anthem has been sung, home plate has been cleaned, and the starting lineup announced. The athletes go through the final mental checklist before taking the field. Hat? Check. Glove? Check. Cup? Check. Insulin?"

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Should Selenium Be Sold?

Sheril Marek, M.S. 

"Selenium is a trace element that is nutritionally essential for humans. Essential nutrients are required for normal body functioning that cannot be synthesized by the body. This shows the importance of consuming adequate selenium in one’s diet and supplements for enhanced exercise performance and decreased health risks."

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Improving Goal-Directed Limb Movement: Don't Overthink This!
Jason Boyle, Ph.D

Our nervous system is highly adaptable in perceiving, analyzing and executing movements in relation to an ever-changing perceptual environment. We use vision, knowledge of limb location, and anticipation of force production while simultaneously recognizing variability in our judgment to execute movements through the world around us.

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