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Entries for September 2015

Cholesterol Can Be Good.  Really.

Teak V. Lee, B.S.

"What’s the first thought that comes to mind when the word “cholesterol” is mentioned?  More often than not, it’s probably going to be negative.  This is probably due to the bad reputation that cholesterol has gained because of its involvement in conditions such as cardiovascular disease.  However..."

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How long can you go? Training the endurance athlete

David Ferguson, Ph.D, RCEP

Have you ever watched a marathon and wondered how individuals can run for over 26 miles? Have you ever wanted to be the one who runs for 26 miles? Do you find yourself saying that you can’t run for 26 miles because you don’t know how?

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Vitamin D and Exercise

Nina Laidlaw Rumler, B.A.

Headlines about vitamin D abound. Is it as good as they say? How does it impact exercise and athletes?

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I’m An Athlete! I Do Not Have Heart Problems!

David Ferguson, Ph.D, RCEP

"In today’s sporting environment, great importance is placed on the health education of the athlete. This includes proper nutrition instruction, health assessment, and the application of proper treatments and rehabilitation modalities to injured athletes. However..."

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Athletes Need Not Let Age Dog Them

Travis Irby, M.A., M.Ed

The concept of dog years lets us quantify how man’s best friend ages. The popular myth is that a dog ages every seven years for one human year. While that is not necessarily the most scientific explanation for the canine aging process, the idea of aging many years in one is something that many people can relate to. 

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