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Mr. Jerrod Johnson, All-Conference Quarterback, Texas A&M and the NFL. The award-winning HD6 Video Podcast series continues!

post image Today is the first rebroadcast from the 2016 Huffines Discussion.   Up today in our series is Mr. Jerrod Johnson, All Conference Quarterback, Texas A&M and the NFL.  Mr. Johnson's talk is called "Sports Medicine from an Athlete's Perspective" and discusses what it is like for an elite athlete to undergo career-threatening injuries and the subsequent difficult rehabilitation.

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Mr. Reggie Brown, Former NFL Linebacker!, The award-winning HD5 Video Podcast series!

post image Today is the second rebroadcast from the 2015 Huffines Discussion.   Up today in our series is Mr. Reggie Brown, former linebacker at Texas A&M and for the Detroit Lions. Mr. Brown's talk is called "The Day My Earth Stood Still: From Injury to the Rest of My Life" and covers what happens when a life-threatening injury happens on the field - from the player's perspective!
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It's the 100th Podcast Friday! All things 100 today - the web rebroadcast of the live 100th podcast!

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You've been waiting for it and here it is:  the 100th Podcast from the Huffines Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance!  We do all things 100 today:  We talk to Mr. Mike Dillingham - Aggie Class '35 who is 100;  We welcome back to the podcast one of the world's elite ultramarathoners Dr. Mike Sandlin who runs (and wins) 100-mile foot-races for fun; And for our 100th guest, we're pleased to welcome College Football Hall of Fame Coach (and winningest Aggie Football Coach of all time) RC Slocum.

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Huffines Discussion 2012: Texas A&M's Mr. Michael Hodges

post image This week's 2012 Huffines Discussion Scholar is Mr. Michael Hodges from Texas A&M University.  Mr. Hodges was an award-winning linebacker for the Texas A&M football team and was widely respected for his tenacity and his determination to play in spite of multiple, serious injuries.  Mr. Hodges gives us the athlete's perspective of sports medicine in his talk titled "The Real Pain in Rehabilitation" .
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Huffines Discussion 2011: Mr. Ty Warren, Denver Broncos

Today's talk is from Mr. Ty Warren, who talks about "Sports Medicine and the Professional Athlete".  If you want to know what type of training an elite professional athlete undergoes to stay at the top of his game, this is the talk for you.

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Huffines Discussion 2011: Dr. Steve Riechman, Texas A&M University

Today's talk is from Dr. Steve Riechman, Texas A&M University, who talks about "Eat More Cholesterol for Your Health and Strength".  This is a great talk that may challenge many of the beliefs you may have about cholesterol.

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Huffines Discussion 2011: Dr. Michael Reid, University of Kentucky

The Huffines Discussion is where great speakers and leaders in Sports Medicine talk about the future in a manner understandable to all. 


Today's talk is from Dr. Michael Reid, from the University of Kentucky, who talks about "Muscle Weakness, Fatigue and Free Radicals: Of Cowboy Hats and Elephants". And as the title implies, it was a fascinating talk!  Click here for Dr. Reid's bio.

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Introduction of the Huffines Discussion by President RB Loftin, Texas A&M University

President Loftin introduces the inaugural Huffines Discussion in 2011.  Check out the talks from the 2011 Huffines Discussion at  The Huffines Discussion is where leaders in sports medicine and human performance have the opportunity, in 15 minute talks, to describe the most recent and cutting-edge developments in sports medicine.

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Dr. Wendy Kohrt - Bone Health Across the Lifespan - Part 1

Dr. Wendy Kohrt, University of Colorado, presented a Huffines Public Talk on November 28, 2010. This very conversational and easy to understand talk focused on the latest research on Bone Health Across the Lifespan. Bone is more plastic than we think and having a health skeleton is important in many ways.  Due to the length, the video is presented in 5 parts (all less than 14 minutes).  Enjoy!  
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Wrist Taping 101


Wrist Taping 101. Courtesy of the Texas A&M Athletics Department, the Sydney and J.L. Huffines Institute for Sport Medicine and Human Performance, and the Department of Health & Kinesiology at TAMU. This video is provided for educational purposes. The techniques demonstrated should only be performed under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer or sports medicine professional.

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