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It's Video Podcast Friday! with Huffines Scholar Mr. Gerald Veasley and Performance Anxiety!

post image The Huffines Discussion is where great speakers and leaders in Sports Medicine talk about the future in a manner understandable to all.    Today's talk is the second talk from the 2014 Huffines Discussion held Nov. 21, 2014. The first talk is by world-renowned bassist, Mr. Gerald Veasley, whose talk is titled "Overcoming Performance Anxiety: A Musician's Perspective".  Click here for Mr. Veasley's bio.   And if you can't download the video (or don't have time), you can check out the audio-only podcast from this talk at  Here also is the link to the transcript of the talk. 
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It's Video Podcast Friday! with Huffines Scholar Christie Aschwanden and Beer and Running!

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Join us for the initial speaker from Huffines Discussion 2014, Ms. Christie Aschwanden, an award-winning science- and sports-journalist from speaks about "What Beer and Running Taught Her About Science" - It's a great talk!

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